1. Design 92 Photo Forward Project

    Im back with a new design, this time it is to help a friend at school. She has a pretty neat project running in which I´m participating. Anyone can enter the project. I’m really curious what the results will be.
    This was the e-mail I received.


    As a Communication and Multimedia Design Student eager to graduate, I spent the last half year studying Benjamin, Baudrilard, Sontag and other key writers on the subjects of photography an media-philosophy in order to make an assessment of the current status of the medium photography and the way people look at photographic images in the digital era.
    One of the main influences on photography over the past decades is digitalization and the rise of the internet. In a networked society the photographic image disconnects from the photographer, reality and reliability because it is so easily copied and altered. On the other end the artistic value of photography has been a matter of discussion amongst theoreticians since the origin of the medium. The sudden exponential increase in photographic material seems to be a threat to the esthetics of photographs as well.
    But somewhere in this complex time, new possibilities will arise.
    This project relies on an innovated version of the old fashioned chain letter to investigate the possibilities of digitalization by evolving a photograph to new forms and ways of use. The outcome of this project is yet unknown, but will be analyzed in the subsequent weeks and presented at the end of June 2010.

    Participating in this project is easy and might be interesting and relevant to any creative in the media/photography/design work-field. Just follow the instructions below:

    * Take a good look at the attached photograph.
    * Use your hands, camera, paint, friends, associations, photoshop and most importantly, your creativity to make an altered reproduction of this picture in any way you find interesting.
    * Replace the photograph with your own reproduction, copy these instructions and sent the new picture to three people you know to be very creative and who you believe will be interested in participating in this experiment.
    * Don’t forget to send this email in CC to photoforwardproject@gmail.com in order for me to track and visualize the outcome of this experiment.
    * Act fast! Your photo should be connected to the previous one, therefor alterations should not have to be that big.. please reproduce and forward the project within 48 hours.

    on Flickr
    BTW: I hope i Didn’t destroy the picture, I only used pencils and spraycans..no computer.

  2. Stopped - for a while….will return…within a few days (weeks maybe). thanks all for watching…eh stay tuned!?

    Stopped - for a while….will return…within a few days (weeks maybe). thanks all for watching…eh stay tuned!?

  3. Design 92 Messages

    Design 92 on Flickr


    Not exactly a poster, but I’m lazy today.. please forgive me!


  4. Design 91 Wildlife 2.0

    Design 91 Wildlife 2.0 on Flickr

    Wildlife 2.0

    I’m Always traveling by bus to school and one time I saw a deer. I thought it would be nice as a streetart concept to place cardboard animals around the city, to let people know what it’s like to spot a wild animal…just a thought (I’ll work it out sometime)


    Great blog you should follow Next Nature

    Background picture I used (you can use it if you like)Here

  5. Design 90 Guerrilla Gardening

    Design 90 Guerrilla Gardening on Flickr

    Guerrilla Gardening

    I think it would be a nice concept to paste up these posters with bags of sunflowerseeds on them. So people can plant those seeds around the city like a real guerrilla gardener. Create a revolution in flowers and cheer up the concrete jungle.


    Guerrilla gardening

    Free Font used in this poster:Lobster

  6. Design 89 Copy

    Design 89 Copy on Flickr


    The most copied hero ever. So my artwork is a copy of a copy in a style that looks very familiar, still it’s my own poster-design. I feel a Picasso quote coming up!


    Great Che artwork by graffiti artist DOLK

    Banksy & Che

    Wikipedia Che in popular culture

  7. Design 88 Facebook

    Design 88 Facebook on Flickr


    I quit Facebook, I have to wait 12 days for my account to be totally gone. Why!? I did not only quit because of the privacy issues , I quit because of the fact that it is constantly telling me what to do. Whose birthday I shouldn’t forget and what club I should join and which game I should play.


    article: Facebook suicide (also check the interview)

    Web 2.0 suicide machine

  8. Design 87 Change

    Design 87 Change on Flickr

    Change I wasn’t enjoying my daily365 challenge as much as I did. I was skipping days and there was no way I could keep up with the days. All this and a busy school period led to a lousy quality in my opinion. I Needed a fresh start for this challenge, so I chose for a new concept. The concept will be “A poster a day”. Every day I’ll try to make a poster about topics that I find interesting! Every month there will be a new general theme.

  9. Design 84 Dora the explorer

    What if Dora the explorer actually educates.

  10. I went on a city trip to Istanbul and brought my sketchbook. Everyday I made one sketch in +/- 20min. Clipped my fingernails and made a compilation movie.